EP Review: Long Tail ‘Your Time’

by Danielle Holian

Long Tail are a three piece alternative rock band based in Dublin signed to Headwire Records. The trio has just released their debut EP Your Time and is bringing something new to Ireland. With this EP they are taking control over Ireland’s perception of alternative music.

Long Tail’s music was inspired by the likes of Nirvana, Oasis, The Beatles and Foo Fighters, without being cliched. There’s a struggle from the start that brings meaning to the EP. The title track stands out best: it’s fresh, with an alternative rock n’ roll edge and is a great dance-along-head-bobbing-track, stating the brutal and honest fact “Life will pass you by.”

Your Time finds something new with the build-up “There must be a better way than this…” in ‘Better Way’. The twisted shards of guitar and bass noise on this track out show the rest of the songs musically. There’s a noticeable same style in each song – they’ve found their sort of music – its sound is its own and evolves emotionally, melodically, and rhythmically as each song plays. It’s well-produced and there’s no chaos. Long Tail’s lyrics are relatable if a bit depressing. ‘Our Star’ is a toned-down song compared to the quick change on ‘More of the Same’ with the fun energy of the music, in contrast to the lyrics. Long Tail are looking for their meaning from beginning to the end of the EP.

These guys have a well-structured balance within their music. They’re new, creating art on their own terms, and well aware of the type of band they want to be. Strangers to their music will quickly get into it. Long Tail will only rise from here.

Check out Your Time.

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