They Called Him Zone: Samples From Upcoming LP ‘Crow Swan Wolf’

by Dylan Goodman

Electronic duo They Called Him Zone have released samples from their upcoming LP Crow Swan Wolf. Two tracks, “Waste You” and “Dying Devil”, from the six-track mini album can be streamed for free.

The pair, namely Mik Davis and Steve Maloney, create music in their home based ‘Basement Studio’ in Bradford that spans a number of genres. Dark-wave, new-wave, electro-pop and more experimental sounds, with influence from Joy Division and New Order, Depeche Mode, Jesus and Mary Chain and Iggy Pop.

Crow Swan Wolf is described as “haunting, atmospheric, sexy, driving, psychedelic, gothic, dark-wave/ new-wave mayhem” and as being “somewhere between a blood-thirsty vampire driving a convertible in Miami and a Berlin cabaret bar”.

Fans in the UK can see the band live at The Rigger in Stoke for their album launch show on 16th December.
The new album drops on December 12th.

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