Velvet Kills: ‘Red Shoes’

by Dylan Goodman

Berlin-based electro-punk outfit Velvet Kills have concluded their video releases from the “Memory” EP issued earlier in 2016 with their latest video single, “Red Shoes”.

The video has the atmosphere and aesthetic of a Philip Marlowe novel and wouldn’t seem out of place if it was played during the opening credits the next Bond movie. It explores a world of intrigue, well-dressed strangers, damsels in nightgowns and shady back alleys, suited perfectly to the sultry sound of the music.

Vocalist and songwriter Susana Santos described her song as ‘A trip inside a woman’s mind that listens as her inner critic rejects and fights against love until realising that being vulnerable is a mark of strength, not weakness. The challenge of accepting love’. The track “Red Shoes” was reviewed previously here on ModernRetro.

Velvet Kills are Susana Santos (Vocals/Bass) and Harry Iveson (Guitar/Synths). They formed in 2015, over the pair’s mutual love new-wave, alternative rock and post-punk electronica. Velvet Kills also confirm that their upcoming EP “Mischievous Urges” is completed and will be available for us sometime in January 2017.

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