David Gray: ‘Enter Lightly’

by Danielle Holian

David Gray’s new single ‘Enter Lightly’ and video is out now. The song is taken from The Best Of album which was released last week via Kobalt Label Services/IHT Records.

The video is the former student of Liverpool Arts School painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. Gray commented on the video, “I used to be a painter and music and painting were two separate wings of the way my brain was lit up. Then at a certain point, I concentrated on music and I let painting and drawing go, and I don’t really know why I’ve always felt kind of bad about it like it’s a dead friend… I’m hoping to resuscitate that friend today!”

‘Enter Lightly’ is the second track released by Gray this year following ‘Smoke Without Fire’ which was released earlier this year. The Best Of features recordings from his early career. He commented on the successes throughout his career so far, “It’s certainly a strange business stopping the clock and listening to your younger self-singing back to you from across the years.”

Gray spoke about the process of The Best Of, “It felt like the right thing to do to accompany the main collection with a group of tracks that has been selected by me for no other reason than that they occupy a special place in my heart and have meant a lot to me down the years. These recordings stand like markers on the road, and I still refer back to them every now and then, whenever I’m in need of taking my creative bearings.”

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