EP Review: One Day Elliott’s ‘Triple A Side’

by Dylan Goodman

One Day Elliot are a four-piece rock band from Kent in the UK, soon to release their “Triple A Side” EP this November via Engineer records. Paul Richards sings, Richard Crooks plays guitar, Pud Greenless plays bass and Daniel Purton plays drums.

They seem like a nice bunch of guys. They’re all pretty hairy and they said in an interview if they could support any band, they’d support Queen. However, I found their soon to be released EP a bit boring. It’s inoffensive, there’s just not much to it. I suppose the vocals are the main attraction, as most of the melodies are all 4 members singing in sync. Paul the frontman has a lovely singing voice, as do the rest of the band, but they sing the melodies with no real conviction, just as the guitar plays harmless noise and the occasional bluesy solo that barely adds to the indistinct, uncatchy songs. There’s no real bite or emotion to it and it’s all very well polished.

The tracks ebb and flow in a very predictable way, there’s at least 2 climaxes to each track. Loud guitar to silence, the silence to some soft piano, then you might hear the lad’s voices bursting back in. The band are from Kent, but their voices are very unaccented and would be hard to distinguish from any pretty lead singer of an American pop rock band. It’s hard to call them an emo band, because they don’t look anything like other emo bands, but I don’t know who else their music would appeal to. Anything distinctive at all would have made it an interesting listen, a native British accent, a cowbell even, or an attitude of any kind, but as it is, this EP is too easy to disregard.

However the outfit do seem to be having fun with it, that much can be seen on the tongue in cheek “Sound Check Song” bonus track. Paul sings “Check check one two/ We’re gonna play a song for you”. And that’s what they do on this EP. At least they don’t set expectations high.

I might not like their music, but if you are a fan of the typical American rocky poppy metal-ish sound, heard from the like of Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, etc. then you might, and you should give them a listen when their EP comes out on 19th of November.

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