Carron: Show at Monroe’s


by Danielle Holian

Carron has announced a show at Monroe’s Backstage Bar this Saturday.

Carron is sisters Meabh and Mella who are a Celtic folk band from the east of Ireland. The sisters formed the band in 2014, and they began to perform and record duet covers of songs for their friends and family. They both studied drama and music in college.

The sisters describe themselves as a folk-poop fusion with pop induced vocals, enchanting melodies, and traditional folk tones. Their influences are Fleetwood Mac, The Corrs, Joni Mitchell, Little Green Cars, Hozier, and Wyvern Lingo.

They released their debut EP Roots earlier this year.

“Simple, unadorned acoustic tunes with a smidgin of folk, a rub of trad and a big dash of pop, there’s enough potential on show from the Carron siblings on “Battle Lines” to mark them as ones to watch.” – Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

“Separating themselves from some the twee or overtly commercial pitfalls of the folk-pop sound, CARRON’s ethereal textural voices give a depth to the music as a whole and allude to promising paths for the duo to take in future recordings” – Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape

“CARRON have composed an incredibly courtly compilation here, the style of which is extremely exquisite. The enlivening delivery of its vivifying vocals combined with its elegantly executed instrumentation gives rise to a truly enchanting assortment of folk songs that should impress a large listenership.” – Dave Simpson, Pure M

Doors open at 9pm and tickets are €10/€7 online.

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