Eoin Glackin: ‘A Bigger Love’

by Daniele Holian

Eoin Glackin has just released ‘A Bigger Love’ single.

The song is a ballad written about forced love, “there’ll always be a stronger arm when push it shoves but there’ll never be a bigger love.” The original version appeared on Glackin’s EP Club Classic, but this new rearranged version is a much warmer song.

Glackin is influenced by storytellers of modern-day-music like Dead Prez and Bob Dylan. His lyrics are provoking, his songs are insightful, and on his EP there was a lot of experimentation with the production and sound. “I didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, but for me personally it was a lot of fun stepping out of my own head for a while and asking ‘what would Prince do?'”

Check out ‘A Bigger Love’ here.

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