The Eskies: Show at Monroe’s


by Danielle Holian

Gypsy Folk group The Eskies have a show at Monroe’s Back Stage Bar this Friday.

Their debut album After the Sherry Went Round is a beautiful and excellently crafted records with a great rhythm to it.

The Eskies formed in Germany in 2006. The band members are Ian Bermingham (guitar and vocals), Tim George (bass and vocals), Steven Kearney (drums and vocals), Rob Murphy (mandolin and guitar), and Sean O’Reilly (guitar and vocals).

“The Eskies are a band that we seem to keep finding ourselves turning to for The Salty Dog Stage at Electric Picnic. They have the ability to take an indifferent half-listener and turn him or her into a frenzied, hopelessly unselfconscious dervish inside of a short set. They perform intelligent, beautifully crafted foot-stompers with cackling humour and delicious guitarmanship. They emerge from the fog of dry ice and the fallen masts and sails of the shipwreck looking for all the world like the crew that clung the boat in the storm, and the music they deliver feels like it was written for that particular stage, on that night, for that audience. Few bands achieve that in a lifetime,” said Hugo Jellett (Electric Picnic).

Doors open at 9pm, visit Monroe’s for further information.

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