Single Review: The Fem Doms’ ‘Dysania’


by James Fleming

They say don’t judge a book by the cover. Likewise, it’s ill-advised to judge a band by the name. Lest you be gravely mistaken.

For, what’s in a name? A band’s history? A poorly thought out decision? Or is it merely an identity?

Many a bad has been shot down like a dog in the street for such a simple crime as having a dreadful name. TV on The Radio and IWRESTLEDABEARONCE spring to mind…

And with a name like The Fem Doms, this band better be good.

That name, and we’ll repeat it in bold for emphasis; The Fem Doms, depending on how they sound on this track, entitled Dysania, will either come across as hilarious or one of the aforementioned poor decisions.

You needn’t worry.

Opening with a reassuring lash of feedback, Dysania is alternative rock at its finest. Taking the traits of the genre and putting a unique twist on them with chiming guitar lines mirroring the angular vocal melody and cunning use of quiet/loud dynamics is a tricky feat to pull off. Like a flip in an aircraft or parallel parking, it’s an awkward manoeuvre.

But The Fem Doms pull it off with aplomb. By the time the feedback riddled guitar solo comes in at the halfway mark all doubts are dispelled. Lost in a haze of glorious noise with no hope of wriggling their way back into your no longer sceptical brain.

The backing vocals on the chorus are an excellent addition to Dysania’s mutated alt-rock. They add a touch of subtle creativity that lends itself perfectly to the sound while never veering into over-production. A rare feat indeed.

The Fem Doms have set the bar high for themselves. While they may never, pardon the pun, dominate the airwaves with their particular breed of alternative rock. They will at the very least be a well kept secret. A hidden treasure tucked into the back corner of the chest.

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