Single Review: Eyelid Kid’s ‘Fortify’


by Danielle Holian

Electronic music is taking over the music industry by grabbing our screens and airwaves. Although each electronic song somewhat sounds the same, there are times when something comes our way that sounds completely unique.

Eyelid Kid’s track ‘Fortify’ was released September 21, 2016, from their self-produced album Hometown.

The Austin-based electro-pop group’s tune gives a taste of their record which will turn a few heads in their direction. The song was written, produced and recorded by Eyelid Kid and mastered by Erik Wofford.

Their songwriting skills are remarkable with a delightful uniqueness to their sound. The song begins with angelic synthesisers before the technically inspired half time kick and snare pattern with an upbeat sequence gearing the song up to its brilliant peak. Eyelid Kid’s soul was poured into the track. It lures the listener in and out of the autobiographical choruses and infectious dance tempos. There is a brief look into the band’s protected vision.

The vision may be just that the storyteller is suffering trying to forget their creative imagination. It’s mesmerising.

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