Denny White: ‘Traces’


by Danielle Holian

Denny White released new single ‘Traces’.

The singer/songwriter released his new single via Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. He wrote and produced the single and it is the follow-up to “Psycho” and “Sweetness”.

“‘Traces ’ reflects on how “regardless of who you are, we all share the common bond of being shaped by the many relationships in our lives, for better or worse. Some people leave nasty scars, and others leave meaningful marks. If you’re lucky enough, someone will leave one that changes you for a lifetime,” Denny states.

“The line between something good and great in pop music is very hard to put into words, but when you hear a track that touches into that latter realm, there’s something that just allows you to know.” – Hillydilly

“Produced, played and written entirely by himself, White once again proves himself to be a modern day renaissance man as he seamlessly blends together a hybrid of synths, organic elements, and spring verb soaked guitars to produce a song reminiscent of classic folk anthems mixed with modern touches and broad appeal.” – Wonky Sensitive

“When it comes to 2017, I’ve got a feeling Denny White’s name is going to be plastered ALL over it… Imbued with warbling synths, sinking guitar, and big as the sky drum samples, ‘Traces’ stamps out a mark as bold as it is unique. Don’t you dare sleep on Denny White.” – Kick Kick Snare

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