Analog Candle: ‘Trier’


by Danielle Holian

Analog Candle released their new single ‘Trier’ off their upcoming EP Winter ‘15, which is due for release on February 3.

Wonderland called the band’s imminent release an ‘indie-pop record of our dreams’, after sharing their newest single with them.

Expressionist, avant-garde dream-pop collective, Analog Candle was formed by songwriter and producer Callum Plews.

“Living in a brand new city can grind one to dust very quickly – work, love, friendship – it all gets distilled and intensified. I sought to recruit the most talented indie musicians in NYC, and bring life to these difficult, common experiences. The Winter ’15 EP lies squarely between the ‘experimental’ and ‘pop’ music genres, and is intended to be a lyrically driven ‘audio’ mosaic – a recorded art project of sorts,” Callum says about the EP.

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