Album Review: Delicate Steve ‘This Is Steve’


by Danielle Holian

The music speaks for itself. Delicate Steve has the power to capture the listener’s ear with the first riff on ‘Animals’. There are no words to describe his talent on This is Steve. He has accomplished letting the music speak for itself on the record, letting the melody come to life with joyous riffs.

Delicate Steve has previously said the album is ‘real’ and ‘pure’ and let’s the music speak for itself. There is no set genre, but the music is great to dance along to. Producing the entire record himself, he played all the instruments showcasing his talent, and the album is an introduction to his true self.

The record is not solely instrumental, but not background music. As an experimental musician, Steve took chances on this album. The tunes are loose-limbed, slim and uncanny. There is something more to them as the record plays.

The wordless music showcases Steve. The record is an art movement. The record is his name with his songs. He explored different musical ideas and as the record doesn’t have a set genre, he wants the listener to have a better image of who he really is. There is a trend in the past few years about being a little mysterious, vague or impressionistic, and Steve has captured this movement throughout his album.

Steve is a remarkably accomplished musician. The ten tracks on This is Steve speaks for itself without a word.

Written by Danielle Holian (InstagramTwitterLinkedin, Facebook)


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