The Weeks: ‘Easy’


by Danielle Holian

The Weeks will release their new album Easy, via Lightning Rod Records on April 7.

They have released their first single ‘Talk Like That’ off the upcoming album.

“We called it Easy because every time I make music with these guys, it’s easy. It feels good. But the other side of it is there’s nothing easy about being in a band. There’s nothing easy about staying together for ten years and still wanting to make music. We have the hardest and easiest job on the planet. But it works for us.” Thematically, Easy explores new ground for the band. Bassist Damien Bone explains, “We just wanted to make a rock record. We weren’t as concerned making it a southern rock record. The southern thing is always going to part of what we do,” frontman Cyle Barnes says about the record.


  1. Talk Like That
  2. Ike
  3. Start It Up
  4. Hands On The Radio
  5. Bottle Rocket
  6. Gold Doesn’t Rust
  7. Sevens
  8. Blame
  9. The One
  10. Ain’t Dancin’
  11. Don’t Be Sad


“Driven by rowdiness and a mix of pride and defiance about their origins.” – The Guardian

“Their music still kicks with the same hard-bitten affirmations that made them better than weekends in the first place.” – American Songwriter

“powerful guitars and Southern-tinged vocals”- Paste

“Churning, turning marble-mouthed swamp-rock anthems…” – Nashville Scene

“Together they are a force…The Weeks know how to write, and play, and make music for their generation of midnight riders.” – Best New Bands

The Weeks is twin brothers Cyle (vocals) and Cain (drums), Sam Williams (guitar/vocals) and Damien Bone (bass).

Written by Danielle Holian (Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook)

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