Single Review: Jack And The Darling Ones ‘Great And Terrible End’


by Danielle Holian

‘Great And Terrible End’ is a great beginning to Jack and The Darling Ones’ recording career.

Ciarán’s scat singing and an aggressive snare-rim beat kickstart their psychotic first single. A dissonant, ear-catching guitar riff pulls the listener in and doesn’t let them go. The curtain has been raised on a freakshow you won’t want to miss.

Black humour and carny-style twistedness drive the song. Ciarán’s voice moves from a Nick Cave-esque baritone to heavy metal growls and yelps. A feeling of ever-so-slight insanity pervades throughout.

Chilling piano chords swing right through the tune like a man from a noose. A seemingly soothing piano solo creeps in at the bridge, turns heads and slits throats. It lures the listener into their infectious, unhinged world.

A change in dynamics after the piano solo adds suspense. The rocking rhythm carries the listener through ‘Great And Terrible End’s’ two and a half minutes, on a stretcher. The interplay between the vocals and the accompaniment sends chills down the listener’s spine.

Intense, energetic and thrilling are all apt descriptions for Jack And The Darling Ones sound. ‘Great And Terrible End’ pulls the listener in and then pushes them away, teasing every ounce of attention from them. Black as pitch, narcotically addictive, debuts don’t get better than this.

Written by Danielle Holian (Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook).

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