Delicate Steve: ‘Tomorrow’


by Danielle Holian

Delicate Steve releases new video for ‘Tomorrow’ off his brand new album This Is Steve. See our review here.

He comments on the video, “Tomorrow is the future. It represents dreams and ambitions and unrealized potential and procrastination and distraction. We are all going to get there someday. And then, what?”


“A remarkably adept musician.” – Uncut

“A guitar hero.” – Pitchfork

“The tunes on this record are rangy, loose-limbed, and strange; his influences as diverse as J.J. Cale, ZZ Top, and the aforementioned Rolling Stones. He’s a rarity, with great hair, and a tattoo of Zappa’s mustache on the back of his left arm.” – Noisey

“Here’s something rare these days: an instrumental guitar-rock record that’s actually a joy to listen to.” – NPR

Written by Danielle Holian (Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook)


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