James Blunt: ‘Love Me Better’



by Danielle Holian

James Blunt has released his brand new single ‘Love Me Better’ video. The song is featured on his upcoming album The Afterlove, which will be released on March 24 via Atlantic Records.

In an interview with Radio X, he confessed he was tired of writing miserable songs and was nervous about dropping his new music as it’s more up-tempo tunes, compared to his older releases.

He said,” You know what, this does feel really different for me and, you know, I know I’ve written, I suppose, four albums with me on a guitar writing these pretty miserable, dour sort or songs and I feel that’s a lifetime away really. Particularly from the kind of time of Back to Bedlam, and ‘You’re Beautiful’ and so this album is very different for me and I’ve been writing it with people like Stephen Moccio who works with The Weeknd and Ryan Tedder who you know is the lead singer from OneRepublic. And I am a bit nervous because the album sounds very different from what I’ve done in the past.”

To pre-order his forthcoming album and for more details check out his website.

Written by Danielle Holian (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin)

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