Album Review: Miss Lucid S/T Debut Album


by Danielle Holian

Miss Lucid self-titled debut album is really something. There was a moment of uncertainty when I pressed play to hear ‘The Beast’, but that soon changed 20 seconds into the head-banging tune. It got my heart racing, feet tapping, singing along (humming until I knew the words) and ears popping towards the end of the tune.

With influences throughout the record like The Clash and Nirvana, they offer their own style of ‘in your face’ rock/punk/grunge. They don’t give off the feeling that they are trying to reinterpret the musical scene of the 90’s but starting a new movement.

Their lyrics bleed into the following provoking tracks telling stories that are kept in the songs. The production was greatly put together, as the sonic soundscapes and melodies blend in perfectly. There are certain times throughout the record that display uncertainty and insanity.

All in all, it’s an excellent and enjoyable debut record from Miss Lucid.

Miss Lucid are Kev, Ciaran, Mike, and Paul who are an indie-rock four piece band from Scotland. Miss Lucid, will be released on April 3 via Fat Hippy Records.

Written by Danielle Holian (Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook).

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