Elvis Depressedly: Tour Dates

  by Danielle Holian Since Elvis Depressedly reissued their cult favourite Holo Pleasures EP, the band have announced UK and European tour dates for this year. Elvis Depressedly is Mathew Cothran and Delaney Mills. Praise "Cothran twists classic American songwriting into something entirely his own" - NME "...a celebration of angst and the act of feeling sorrowful, … Continue reading Elvis Depressedly: Tour Dates

Keller: ‘Faded’

by Danielle Holian Keller has released his new single ‘Faded’ which features Matt Giraud and July 3-0. ‘Faded’ is his debut single off his debut EP Hear My Voice. The title for his upcoming debut EP came to him on a trip to the Smithsonian. He instantly knew it was the perfect title while touring … Continue reading Keller: ‘Faded’

Analog Candle: ‘Trier’

by Danielle Holian Analog Candle released their new single ‘Trier’ off their upcoming EP Winter ‘15, which is due for release on February 3. Wonderland called the band’s imminent release an ‘indie-pop record of our dreams’, after sharing their newest single with them. Expressionist, avant-garde dream-pop collective, Analog Candle was formed by songwriter and producer … Continue reading Analog Candle: ‘Trier’

EP Review: The Soft White Sixties’ ‘The Ocean Way’.

by James Fleming The garage is a sanctuary. A safe haven where a girl/guy can plug in, tune up (optional), turn up and fucking tear into it. The sixties are of course hailed as the golden age of the garage band. Look no farther than Lenny Kaye’s Nuggets or a Lester Bangs article and the … Continue reading EP Review: The Soft White Sixties’ ‘The Ocean Way’.

DAITHI: ‘Falling For You’ and Holiday Home EP

by Danielle Holian Daithi releases his new single 'Falling For You' featuring Sinead White And will release brand-new EP Holiday Home in March 2017. 'Falling For You' is the follow-up single to his Tribes EP and its single 'Mary Keanes Introduction'. "At the start of 2016 I bought a field recorder and started recording the … Continue reading DAITHI: ‘Falling For You’ and Holiday Home EP

The Paper Kites: ‘Bloom’

by Danielle Holian Australian indie-folk band The Paper Kites release their brand new single ‘Bloom’. From their debut EP Woodland, the new song enfolds the ingredients that make The Paper Kites commercially in demand with their excellent harmonies and imaginable instrumentals. The stunning tune brings the listener on an adventure, colliding with the raw and personal … Continue reading The Paper Kites: ‘Bloom’

EP Review: Comrad’s ’10 Feet Away’

by James Fleming Country is a minefield of a genre. It encompasses everything from outlaw country to Nashville’s much maligned pop-country and each side, populated by hillbillies and teenage girls as they are, is quite content to sling flaming arrows at any one who dare degrades their beloved Taylor Swift or badass Willie Nelson. Here … Continue reading EP Review: Comrad’s ’10 Feet Away’