Album Review: VvvV’s ‘VvvV LP’

by James Fleming Jarring, repetitive synth lines clash with a propulsive, stop/start beat. Murky, accented vocals spit melodies at you from the speakers. VvvV’s untitled debut album is, shall we say, “a walk on the wild side.” Visceral is the word. “Raw” and “electronic” are not words that you see in the same sentence very … Continue reading Album Review: VvvV’s ‘VvvV LP’

Album Review: Delicate Steve ‘This Is Steve’

by Danielle Holian The music speaks for itself. Delicate Steve has the power to capture the listener's ear with the first riff on 'Animals'. There are no words to describe his talent on This is Steve. He has accomplished letting the music speak for itself on the record, letting the melody come to life with … Continue reading Album Review: Delicate Steve ‘This Is Steve’

Album Review: Torgeir Waldemar’s ‘No Offending Borders’

by James Fleming The record opens with a Nebraska style, acoustic-led track, complete with mournful harmonica playing. By the second tune, the album has morphed into Neil Young-style nastiness; gnarly guitar riff, solid rockin’ back beat, genuinely soulful, and I don’t use that word lightly, vocals. Torgeir Waldemar has crafted a stellar record in No … Continue reading Album Review: Torgeir Waldemar’s ‘No Offending Borders’

Album Review: James Kruman’s ‘Twitch’

by James Fleming Lo-fi Kraftwerk pulsations throb out of the speakers. An almost soothing baritone croons menacingly over the top. The distorted guitar chords, twisted and malformed, add a touch of psychedelic-garage to this dark track; ‘Barrel Bomb’. An ear-worming mixture of Joy Division and Syd Barrett, Barrel Bomb doesn’t kick the album off into … Continue reading Album Review: James Kruman’s ‘Twitch’

EP Review: The Soft White Sixties’ ‘The Ocean Way’.

by James Fleming The garage is a sanctuary. A safe haven where a girl/guy can plug in, tune up (optional), turn up and fucking tear into it. The sixties are of course hailed as the golden age of the garage band. Look no farther than Lenny Kaye’s Nuggets or a Lester Bangs article and the … Continue reading EP Review: The Soft White Sixties’ ‘The Ocean Way’.

Single Review: Eyelid Kid’s ‘Fortify’

by Danielle Holian Electronic music is taking over the music industry by grabbing our screens and airwaves. Although each electronic song somewhat sounds the same, there are times when something comes our way that sounds completely unique. Eyelid Kid’s track ‘Fortify’ was released September 21, 2016, from their self-produced album Hometown. The Austin-based electro-pop group’s … Continue reading Single Review: Eyelid Kid’s ‘Fortify’

Album Review: Marina and the Diamonds ‘The Family Jewels’

by Danielle Holian Welsh-born songstress Marina Diamandis, a.k.a Marina and the Diamonds, made a bang when she released her debut album The Family Jewels in 2010. She mixes sparkling pop with an incredible darkness that makes her stand out from the crowd. Her distinct personality shows throughout the entire album. There is no one quite … Continue reading Album Review: Marina and the Diamonds ‘The Family Jewels’

Album Review: Bonnie Whitmore’s “F*ck With Sad Girls”

by James Fleming There’s been an upsurge in the formation of americana bands in the 21st century. Mostly of the indie-americana sort. An often trite and weedy version of the real deal. Americana is an amalgamation of the various styles of roots music that the US has produced down through the years: blues, gospel, folk, … Continue reading Album Review: Bonnie Whitmore’s “F*ck With Sad Girls”