I Have A Tribe: ‘Cuckoo’

by Danielle Holian

I Have A Tribe released ‘Cuckoo’ from their debut album Beneath A Yellow Moon.

Their debut album came out via Gronland Records earlier this year.

“It was a thrill to visit beautiful Berlin from Ireland and make this video with Patrick in his friend David Hedderman’s studio. Like the other videos I have been fortunate to make recently for I Have A Tribe, we were able to include very strong themes of culture, craft and creativity.” – Myles O`Reilly.

“Another lovely experience making a music video with Myles, this time surrounded by the beautiful paintings of David Hedderman in Berlin, where the song Cuckoo was written, after listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, perched in a hammock in this inspiring city.” – Patrick O`Laoghaire.

Listen (vimeo) Video (https://youtu.be/mnNons7pkFY)

Keep up-to-date with them: Facebook and website.

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